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Capturing the Atmosphere at Cambridge's Strawberry Fair; a Free One Day Festival

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

On the first Saturday in June Cambridge's Strawberry Fair comes to Midsummer Common. An annual tradition, see my documentary project.

My challenges were capturing the atmosphere at Cambridge's Strawberry Fair and what it is about only using my 50mm prime lens. Why did I go with my prime lens? Well, it is a lot lighter than my workhorse Tamron 24-70mm to carry around especially on a hot sunny day. The challenge, as most photographers know, is getting the shot - you want to zoom in, take a step or closer; you want it wider, take a step back. It is a great photographic exercise in composition.

Marching drum band with their drums. Drums are decorated with the LGBT+ rainbow colours
The Procession Ends Here
Woman at hat stall trying on a hat and checking how it looks by taking a selfie on her phone
Yeah, This One!
A man sat on the grass smoking a spliff whilst surrounded by other people going about their day. Photo in monochrome
HIding in Plain Sight
Old fashioned fairground sweet stall
All the Fun of the Fair
Clothing stallholder serving a customer
The Stallholder
The photographer catches a photo of himself in a heart shaped mirror on a clothing stall
Juice stallholder smiling and engaging directly with the camera
The Stallholder

Man with headband sat playing the djembe. Photo is in monochrome
Chilling with the Djembe

Greek food stall with smoke rising from the BBQ and getting caught in the shafts of light coming through the stall cast by the low setting sun
Evening Vibe I

A sunburst caught just above people heads contrejeur. Others sit on the grass enjoying the low evening sun.
Evening Vibe II


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