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Exploring the Revitalised Cambridge Central Station District: Checking Out the New Architecture

The first time I travelled to Cambridge, it was by train. I arrived at Cambridge Station, then the only station. Since then Cambridge North has opened near the Sceince Park, and now work is starting on Cambridge South near Addenbrookes and the M11. I digress, my memory of exiting Cambridge Station is of a tired, rundown area. The exit took you onto the head of Station Rd. Immediately on the left of the road was the very rundown Station Hotel pub, and on the righthand side the sea of thousands of locked-up bicycles.

The area puchased, in 2010, for demolition and redevelopment, has changed beyond on all recognition. It is now a vibrant lively area hosting Microsoft Research, Apple Research and Amazon Development just some of the slew of pretigious names centred around the station. The modern architecture has given a whole new look to the Cambridge central station

Most photogrpahers will tell you never to go out in the middle of the day in bright light and sunshine. Hard contrasty light is perfect for photographing architecture, a great example of the exception

pedestrianised piazza outside Cambridge station showing the new development with pedestrians walking. Monochrome photo
Station Place (Cambridge)
new look development showing outdoor seating of a bar,  food trucks with picnic cafe tables. Colour photo
Station Square (Cambridge)
spacious cycle friendly Cambridge station square with elegant modern design building, colour photo
Station Square (Cambridge)
garden square with lawn spaces and shrubs surrounded on all sides by new modern architecture apartment blocks. Monochrome
Mill Park
walk way of paving stones with metal railing leading the eye to the newly built modern design apartment buildings. In colour
Mill Park Path
student relaxing in tree shade on grass space in front of newly built elegant modern design apartment building. In monochrome
Mill Park
beautiful elegant square showing trees and benches surrounded with newly built offices and hotel. In monochrome
The Amazon Development Center and Clayton Hotel
The newly built Clayton Hotel sitting next to the Microsoft Research building on Station Rd, Cambridge. In colour
The Clayton Hotel
Leading lines of Mill Park Rd showing new buildings either side. A car is parked on double yellow lines. In colour.
Mill Park Rd
Car emerging past bicycle rack between newly built office blocks on Mill Park Rd. In monochrome
1 Mill Park Rd
Workers sat on benches, one standing smoking outside Amazon Development Center. In monochrome
Amazon Development Center
Bicycle rack with bikes outside back entrance of building on Station Square, one bike laying on floor. In colour
3 Station Square

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