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As a documentary photographer, I am interested in photographing performance. Whether that is a staged play, dance, musical rendition, or concert I am interested in capturing moments that are representative images in a much bigger “picture”.  This might be seen by some as a dichotomy; after all documentary photography is based in capturing moments as you find them.  However, none of my work is posed or lit differently to how it is in the performance or rehearsal.  This is fundamental to my work (capturing art as Art is the challenge).  While the purpose of my work is documentary, it is also to be used for promotion, editorial, and the photos in this series from Daphnis and Chloe, The Hiding Tree, The Little Sweep are part of a more extensive exhibition held in October and November 2018 at the Espresso Library in Cambridge.  The images are a culmination of working with the Cambridge Youth Opera attending rehearsals, dress rehearsals and performances.


When it comes to performance, the glamour, as in life, is in Rock'n'Roll.  Some photos from the New Model Army and Yur Mum concerts at the Cambridge Junction venue working on a Press Pass.

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