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Photographer standing in the street looking over his tripod and camera directly into a mirror with bevelled edges. The street and houses can be seen behind the photographer. The photographer is wearing sunglasses.


I am a Cambridge based photographer interested in documentary, photojournalism, sport and performance.  My documentary work is about community; I am interested in the people and how they connect with their environment.  I enjoy straight photojournalism, recording Cambridge in both town and gown. Conversely, I have been known to inject humour and playfulness when making photographs by contriving situations and posing subjects for a specific purpose where narrative demands.

I look for projects that create bodies of work which need to be considered and exhibited collectively.  Connecting individual photos to a collection enables telling a more complete story but requires discipline in decision making.  For example, sometimes the stronger photo is sacrificed for one that tells a better story.  This was certainly the case when photographing the oral history project, Histon Rd: A Community Remembers, a project sponsored by the Cambridge City Council and destined for the Cambridge Archives at the Museum of Cambridge.

My other work is a continuing collaboration with the Cambridge Youth Opera, who I have been photographing since 2017.  Performance interests me because its documentary style requires street photography like skills and techniques to create compositions within movement and rapidly changing light conditions.

Finally, I have included my Instagram feed which does not reflect my main work, however, photography is my passion and taking photographs in a variety of situations hones and develops technique.  While the vagaries of Instagram can be very annoying, it does present an opportunity to make decisions about which photographs to present, a discipline I find invaluable.

The best way to annoy me is to crop one of my photos . . . while it may improve the photograph, it stops being my complete vision. Don't do it!

I am open to ideas and collaborations and available for commissions.

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