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Histon Road is about to see changes: a new carriageway and junctions, new houses and the reduction of vegetation.  A small group of local people has been capturing memories of the old days when the road had different shops and businesses, spacious allotments, orchards and a simpler way of life.

Histon Road and its community were often photographed in the 1960s by amateurs and to illustrate newspaper articles.  Such photos have an intrinsic fascination beyond the merits of each photograph: they present a bygone era of localised industries and shops. Fifty years on, the "Histon Road: A Community Remembers" project has collected photographs to capture its people and landmarks. These photographs do not have the luxury generated by nostalgia for the past; they must create interest now.  They cannot be a dry documentary.  My challenge has been to present images such that the audience discovers and looks differently at the subjects.

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