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Lockdown Series: Neighbours

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

We have lived in our house for over 20 years so know most of our immediate neighbours through various get togethers: BBQs, dinners, drinks parties, Thanksgiving and Xmas mince pies. However, the neighbourhood can also be quite transitory because of our proximity to the University with students and visiting academics choosing our narrow streets and all topped off by the auctioneers across the road. It is the best eclectic.

So, knowing a lot of the residents, I approached them to be photographed for the Lockdown series. They all kindly agreed. Those neighbours I did not know - like the engineering Ph.D student who skips daily on the small patio at the back of his house visible from our balcony - was approached by a note through the letterbox.

Pandemic photo. Elderly neighbour shielding gazes out of the window wistfully
Shielding doesn't Mean you can't Wear Pearls

Pandemic photo. Shielding neighbours have conversation with passing dog walker by socially distancing themselves at the upper windows.
Socially Distanced Street Party

Pandemic photo. Neighbour gets daily exercise during lockdown by skipping rope in the back garden
Daily Skip
Pandemic photo. Exchanging a greeting with a neighbour during lockdown. Neighbour reaches out and presses palm against the window.
Hello Neighbour
Pandemic photo. Neighbourly confusion in terraced houses over which one is being addressed by a passerby whilst at their upper windows during lockdown
Are you Talking to Me?
Pandemic photo. Auction house in the neighbourhood opens for a yard sale to keep business going. Hand sanitiser is available to use at the entrance.
Yard Sale Covid Style


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