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Lockdown Series: COVID-19 Signage

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Almost overnight, COVID signage started appearing to provide instructions to the public. What seemed like clear, concise directions like "Keep Left" seem completely lost on most people. I am constantly surprised to find that common sense is not that common!

Pandemic photo. One-way pedestrian sign to maintain social distancing. Senate House Passage, Cambridge.
One-way Senate House Passage

Pandemic photo. Social distanced shopping, face masks, keeping left and handwash at each station. While wearing a mask is a requirement to enter the area, there is still at least one shopper ignoring the request. Lion Yard, Cambridge.
Masks & Arrows at Lion Yard

Pandemic photo. Cyclist going in opposite directions on a one-way street but still wearing masks. Well, sort of. Trinity St, Cambridge.
I've Sort of Got my Mask on and I'm Only Going One-way!
Pandemic photo. No entry, follow the signs, form an orderly queue, use the handwash, check-in using the QR codes. Stir cafe, Cambridge.
No Entry, Follow the Signs
Pandemic photo. Overnight COVID-19 social distancing signs appear every where around Cambridge.
Empty Streets and Social Distancing Signs

Pandemic photos. Social distancing signs for all at Fitzwilliam College Sports Ground, Cambridge University. Spectators watch the cricket from the boundary.
Good Shot Sir and Mind your Distance

Pandemic photo. Quick access QR codes appearing in all the shops and publicly used areas. How did we live without Smart Phones? Cambridge.
NHS App? That Will do Nicely!


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