• Faruk Kara

Lockdown Series: COVID-19 Queues 2

In Lockdown 2.0, the queues have become a way of life. I took my camera with me when I went to get vaccinated to grab a shot, but they were so organised, there wasn't a queue!

Janet Bunker at the altar leading the congregation.
The Fishmonger on Cambridge Market

Social distanced, face masks and handwash at each station.
Kebab? Yes, please.

Technology in action with those more vunerable and isolating attending using teleconferencing.
More of a Gaggle than a Queue
Social distanced communion: just the bread with no wine.
Lunchtime takeout queue
Monochrome contrejour of the congregration after the service. Handwash and masks on display.
Lunchtime Pizza

Queuing for takeout coffee
Causing a Stir for Coffee

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