• Faruk Kara

Lockdown Series: COVID-19 Queues

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Moving beyond my immediate streets, I have been recording that great British politeness of queuing. It is not just politness but that intrinsic sense of fairplay at the heart of the British pschye. However, the ideal of fairplay is a dichotomy meaning different things to different people. That same sense of fairplay did not extend to shopping and hoarding. I wonder whether that is because queuing is a more public display or is that too cynical and, in fact, it is just an accepted collectively agreed and enforced social norm.

Janet Bunker at the altar leading the congregation.
The boulanger on Coronation St

Social distanced, face masks and handwash at each station.
The Coffee Bug queue at All Saints Garden

Technology in action with those more vunerable and isolating attending using teleconferencing.
Waffles, masks and queues
Social distanced communion: just the bread with no wine.
Lunchtime takeout queue
Monochrome contrejour of the congregration after the service. Handwash and masks on display.
All signed up and waiting

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