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Lockdown Series: COVID-19 Church Service

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Through my photography with the Histon Rd: A Community Remembers project I have made excellent community contacts. So when I heard St Augustine's Church in Richmond Rd was running socially distanced Sunday services, I knew exactly who to contact to see if documenting the event would be possible. The advantages of being local and a known quantity meant that the church knew that a level of trust already exisited and were welcoming. They also knew for this sort of photography, I am careful to get participant permissions especially as these photos would be going to the Cambridge University Library COVID-19 Collection.

Janet Bunker at the altar leading the congregation.
At the Altar

Social distanced, face masks and handwash at each station.
Sunday Morning Church Service

Technology in action with those more vunerable and isolating attending using teleconferencing.
Zoom Service
Social distanced communion: just the bread with no wine.
COVID-19 Communion
Monochrome contrejour of the congregration after the service. Handwash and masks on display.
Handwash and Masks Church Service

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