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Lockdown Series: COVID-19 Cambridge Market

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Cambridge Market opened soon after Lockdown ended and things started to ease. Slowly at first stallholders returned and as confidence grew the food stalls opened and it became possible to grab lunch again. I have avoided Cambridge during the weekends but in the week, it is easy to move around and maintain social distancing. The market has allocated a small area with picnic benches where you can sit to eat, however, my preference was to take advantage of the "sacrosanct spaces" or to find a shaded spot under a tree on Jesus Green.

Pandemic photography. Shot of fishmonger on Cambridge market with customers wearing masks and blackboard showing queuing directions.
Fishmonger on Cambridge Market

Pandemic photography. Cambridge market showing pedestrian wearing mask walking past one of the food stalls.
Face masks and Food Stalls

Pandemic photography. Customer wearing face mask buying coffee and cake.
Cambridge Market Cafe
Pandemic photography. Cambridge market stall showing dummy head wearing a face mask. Selling hats, scarves and face masks.
Hats, scarves and masks
Pandemic photography. Photo of face mask wearing customer paying electronically at the fishmonger using his watch.
That Will do Nicely!


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