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Lockdown Series: COVID-19 Cambridge Market

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Cambridge Market opened soon after Lockdown ended and things started to ease. Slowly at first stallholders returned and as confidence grew the food stalls opened and it became possible to grab lunch again. I have avoided Cambridge during the weekends but in the week, it is easy to move around and maintain social distancing. The market has allocated a small area with picnic benches where you can sit to eat, however, my preference was to take advantage of the "sacrosanct spaces" or to find a shaded spot under a tree on Jesus Green.

Janet Bunker at the altar leading the congregation.
Keep off the grass

Social distanced, face masks and handwash at each station.
Picnic at Great St Mary's

Technology in action with those more vunerable and isolating attending using teleconferencing.
Breaking Bread (&Meat) at St Bene't's
Social distanced communion: just the bread with no wine.
Hats, scarves and masks
Monochrome contrejour of the congregration after the service. Handwash and masks on display.
Electronic payment by watch, that will do nicely!

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