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Lockdown Series: Community

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

As Lockdown has eased, I've moved out into the immediate streets around our neighbourhood to record Social Distancing. It was lovely to see local artist, Jo Tumner, undeterred by the situation and continuing the Cambridge tradition of running Open Studios in July in her front garden. As the weather improved, the Histon Rd: A Community Remembers committee, for which I am the photographer, took the opportunity to meet outside.

The goverment finally allowed the return of club cricket to start 11 July, however, my own weekday club were not able to play at our home ground at Fitzwilliam College Sports Ground on Oxford Rd until the University gave permission in early August. Until then the club played at opposition grounds which was limited by availability. Afterall, maintaining a cricket square is no small task.

Local artist Jo Tumner carried on the wonderful Open Studions tradition by setting up on the front garden.
Outdoor Open Studios

The Histon Rd: A Community Remembers committee taking advantage of the improved weather to hold an outdoor meeting.
Socially Distanced Committee Meeting

Socially distanced spectating at Fitzwilliam College.
View From the Boundary
Traditionally the batting side line up to shake the hands of the fielding side whilst both sides appauld each other.
Leaving the Field of Play
The President's game bring's together the President's invitation XI against a Remnants XI.v
Socially Distanced Match Photograph

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