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Lockdown Series: Home

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Like most photographers, I wondered how I might document these unprecedented times. Empty streets and queues outside essential shops only tell part of the story. I wanted something personal, something that told a story of life spent mostly within the bounds of our home. Something about the challenges of trying to maintain a semblance of normality to keep body and mind together.

Pandemic photo. Do not disturb sign on child's bedroom door to show they are in a zoom class.
Lockdown School

Pandemic photo. Family morning tea and biscuits on the balcony during lockdown
Vitamin D Injection

Pandemic photo. Teenager raiding the fridge at night after dinner. boredom eating
Lockdown Teen

Pandemic photo. Lockdown home exercising via the internet doing Pilates via Zoom
Balcony Zoom Pilates

Pandemic photo. Home hair cut in the bathroom during lockdown
Any Holiday Plans Sir?


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