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Lifestyle Home Business: Richmond Road Bakery II

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

For the second visit to the Richmond Road lifestyle home bakery business, Mike was going to be shaping the dough. The Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 would allow for closer, tighter shots. This is a workhorse lens which is excellent for all round photography. Again, the image stabilsation is so good that it can be handheld down to quite low shutter speeds (~1/13th sec).

The sourdough has been kneaded, proved and is being weighed before shaping. Shot in monochrome.
Weighing Up
Dusting the table top surface with flour before shaping the dough. Shot in monochrome.
Dusting with Flour

Photo of baker preshaping the dough. Shot in monochrome.
Preshaping the Dough
Using a water sprayer to moisten the loaf tins before receiving the dough. Shot in monochrome.
Moistening the Loaf Tins
The shaped dough is placed carefully into a loaf tin. Shot in monochrome.
Placing the Dough in the Loaf Tins
Preshaping of the dough. Shot in monochrome.
Preshaping II
Shaping of the dough . Shot in monochrome.

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